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The work "IBM" in some ways reminds me of my own artwork. I try to keep all my artwork somewhat simplistic. The simplicity allows the person viewing it, to be able to view the artwork quickly and efficiently.

This form of Imagery is used by Paul Rand, to convey an artwork message through the use of combining text and object. I have tried to emulate an iconic portion of Paul Rand's artwork by using easily recognizable symbols, which eliminate the need of words to describe a message.


There are similarities between Paul Rand and my art in the artwork "Minuteman". The use of color, to keep a balance within the entire piece, as well as the use of a grid brings fun to the finished product. I try to incorporate balance into everything I create.

Paul Rand hid an image within the artwork to make it more interesting which is also similar to what I do.


The artwork created by Paul Rand is called "next01". His artwork is similar to the incorporation of optical illusions which I put into my artwork. This illustration is only completed by using simple shapes to create the illusion.

TThe method, of imitating a 3D object in 2D space, is a difficult form of art. However, the process can be simplified through the use of basic shapes and lines.


"PDR" influences some of my artwork because it reminds me of how I used to run the offset printing presses in high school. I use what I learned, to create artwork that always complies with standard print regulations, giving me the flexibility to print in any format.

This type of poster uses a minimalist point of view which I attempt to use occasionally. I tend to like using a white background rather than black.


The "Enron96" Logo does not really influence my work. It only reminds me how powerful a logo may become. A logo represents both success and failure depending on the people involved with a company. Having total disregard for the working individual, by management's selfish moves to create private bankrolls, certainly puts the logo out front, and tarnishes its' reputation.

I try to think, if any of my artwork should become famous someday, I would want the work to be totally identified through my style and technique. I always try make artwork easy on the eyes and instantly recognizable in any kind of lighting situation.


"Producto23e" reminds me of how some of my work is influenced by Paul Rand. It looks as if he created the entire work to have the ability to be mass produced using offset or screen print methods. I try to create everything I make so it can be made to work anywhere with very few problems.

When making a packaging container, I attempt to think of both appeal and durability. I try to build it so it is eye catching as well as being able to hold the product using the least amount of materials.


A"Alga01" influences a small portion of my artwork because it uses an almost minimalist approach in hiding the letters behind a background. The letters are still distinguishable although only by a partial shape.

Using this sort of hidden imagery allows the viewers brain to be able to process the information of the image, as well as getting the message across, without giving the person viewing it a headache.


"Hartford" created by Paul Rand influences my artwork by using solid bold colors that complement one another, without becoming too distracting or washing each other out. This I try to attempt in any of my projects by making everything balanced.

This balance of color can offset the need for artwork with complex objects or highly detailed forms. A simple form with color can become more powerful than artwork that has way too much detail.